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Do Resuscitate Status a Legal and Ethical Challenge for...

Do Resuscitate Status: A Legal and Ethical Challenge for Nursing Shawn Wolkart Senior Integrative Seminar Spring A semester, 2010 University of Saint Mary Abstract A status of do resuscitate in those critically ill patients may result in a slow code. A slow code is a situation where the nursing staff decides to do less than the standard set forth by advanced life support algorithms and the nurse practice act and allow the patient to die instead of possibly sustaining life. The legal implications include falsification of documents and breaching the standard of care set forth by the nurse practice act. The ethical issues include malfeasance, dishonesty, and taking on the role of deciding who has a chance to live during a life†¦show more content†¦Although it has been many years since I rotated through an intensive care, I am sure these issues still arise. As a nurse I worked in the pediatric and neonatal ICU’s and thankfully was not exposed to this type of ethical dilemma. In those instances we did everything we could for those little lives. Today, I would report this to the manager and follow the chain of command. The staff needs education and training on end of life care and issues, legal and ethical dilemmas in relation to code status, and review of the nurse practice act. Reviewing legal cases and outcomes with the staff may also increase awareness of the dangers of practices such as slow codes. Nurses are to be healing, caring, empathetic and supportive of patients and families during critical illness, death and dying. At that time, I was just a student nurse and had yet to realize the consequences of this unethical practice. However, as a manager equipped with the knowledge of the ethical and legal dilemmas of a slow code, my actions today would be different. Involving the ethics committee in these cases would be encouraged. According to Pozgar (2007), â€Å"An ethics committee in the health care setting is a multidisciplinary committee that serves as a hospital resource to patients, families, and staff, offering an objective counsel when facing difficult health care issues and decis ions.† As aShow MoreRelatedThe Nurse And The Physician1575 Words   |  7 Pagesapproaches to resolve ethical issues, when giving information about a â€Å"Do not resuscitate (DNR)† form to the husband of the patient in ICU (Zerwekh, 2013, p. 420). When the physician showed the husband the DNR form, it stated that the physician pointed out what they could do for the patient. In this case, it is perceived that the physician highlighted the parts of the DNR form that would coerce the husband into signing the form, while leaving out what the hospital will no longer do for his wife onceRead MoreEthical Dilemmas for Nurses on End of Life Issues5633 Words   |  23 PagesETHICAL DILEMMAS FACING NURSES ON END-OF-LIFE ISSUES BASED ON CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS HELD IN ELDORET, KENYA Author: Kamau S. Macharia: BScN (Moi), MSc (studying) Nursing Leadership Health Care Systems Management (University of Colorado, Denver), Higher Dip. Critical Care Nursing (Nbi). Graduate Assistant, School of Nursing Biomedical Sciences, Kabianga University College (A Constituent College of Moi University), . P 0 Box 2030 20200 Kericho, Kenya Read More Medical Sociology Essay3862 Words   |  16 PagesMedical Sociology Introduction That the medical field is facing very difficult challenges, some of which are old and many which are new, is nothing new to the public. Issues such as the lack of health care coverage for everyone, the high cost of medical care and the growing distance between health care professionals and patients are only few highlights of this crisis. What is different about our current crisis is the approach that is taken in order to solve these problems. Present discussion

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Islamic or State schools Free Essays

How Moslem parents make their determination of directing their kids to Islamic schools or to State schools. The survey of how Moslem parents decide to direct their kids to either Islamic Schools or public has now been studied for some clip and it has provided different replies for different inquiries. This survey has chiefly been carried out because of the now increasing grounds if the cultural and political differences being seen as a consequence of the diverse civilizations and faith in being amongst people of different ethnicities in the universe. We will write a custom essay sample on Islamic or State schools or any similar topic only for you Order Now For one to understand the strong differences that occur in people ‘s civilizations and beliefs, it is critical to look at the beginning of the procedure of socialization in a peculiar community or society. Socialization is the procedure whereby there is exchange of certain facets of a civilization between two different cultural societies. The socialization procedure normally begins at childhood. This is because kids are easy socialized in the norms that are involved in their civilization and this affects their societal mentality as they grow up. Education on the other manus is the transmittal of information and cognition from one coevals to the following. Education is a basic of every individual today to derive instruction. The Muslim civilization encourages its members to seek cognition. This is viewed to be one of the most cherished things that one can get in life because it enhances rational growing. Education is an single plus which no 1 can take away from another and which is necessary in traveling through life. In life and in Islam the greatest value of instruction is to enable one to supply good leading largely amongst the young person. The major aim of Islam is to enable the development of one ‘s character and besides one ‘s Islamic personality and this is what is emphasized in many Islamic schools . Parents play a major function in educating their kids. The initial instruction provided to kids under the counsel of their parents is really of import and shows the parents function. As kids grow the society they grow about has a great impact in act uponing the character of every single kid. However, the bad intelligence is that Moslems have been evidenced to be the most illiterate in the universe in a survey conducted in all Muslim states. This has led to many parents who value more limitless instruction for their kids to direct them to schools abroad to the western states. This has proved to be advantageous to their kids but has besides led to the debut of unobserved challenges to both the parents and the kids. For illustration In Britain, the Muslims send their kids to authorities schools and so they teach them at place or in the mosques. Consequently, like any other normal school in the universe, in province schools kids would frequently confront jobs like know aparting or strong-arming based upon their spiritual orientation. The harm whether it is psychological or physical can impact the behaviour and can act upon the Muslim pupil ‘s public presentation in the schoolroom. From the Muslim parents ‘ position, the cognition that their kids would have is traveling to be through a secular position and this frequently will be unfastened and indifferent towards any peculiar faith. As a consequence, there emerged two picks for Islamic parents to take in educating their kids. This is whether to direct them to Islamic schools or to province schools. This job started in the coming of the 20th century and due to chiefly Western influence and sometimes colonialism, Muslim parents sometimes preferable leaving merely secular cognition to their kids. The weak pupils were chiefly sent to spiritual schools known as Madrasas within their states. However those who migrated to the West chose to take their kids to both public and spiritual schools for a figure of grounds. These grounds applied both to those in the West and those in the middle-east. One of the best and most popular grounds among Muslim parents for the ground as to why they send their kids to Islamic schools is that it provides the perfect environing to larn the Muslim civilization because of an Islamic surrounding and environment. For illustration, kids in Muslim schools socialize with other kids of the Islamic followers and pray together in the Islamic manner. They are more significantly exposed to modern frailties that exist in urban and westernized schools such as fornication, intoxicant and drugs. Furthermore, Muslim schools are ideal centres to supply individuality in the society for kids. To turn out this, some interviewed Muslim kids attest that their parents would most likely send them to an Islamic school if there is the presence of one in their vicinity. This shows the penchant of many Muslim parents. Harmonizing to one Islamic based teacher in New York by the name of Yahiya Emerick states that Islamic Schools provide the kids with the chance to be able to place themselves with the Islamic community and its values and therefore it provides a sense of belonging to the kids and they feel that they belong to a certain community and proud to be identified with it. To back up this position, the president of the Muslim Education Council in Virginia points out that these Islamic schools provide a sense of dignity, pride and cultural individuality that the kids can non get in a populace or State school. His organisation Teachs largely decision makers and pedagogues about Islam and the Middle Eastern civilization. He besides adds that the sense of individuality comes from non merely socialising with other Muslim kids and praying together but besides from memories of praying and declaiming Islamic Bibles, listening to the Adhan and speaking about the jobs confronting the Islamic society and this proved to be invaluable for an Islamic person in the hereafter. However, there are many other grounds why parents sometimes prefer taking their kids to Islamic school. For illustration is that for illustration if a parent realizes that his kid is turning into being ill-mannered and boisterous, the parent may ensue in looking for a speedy solution to the state of affairs at manus and decide to direct his kid to an Islamic school and this is estimated to be the instance that has led about one tierce of the kids in Islamic schools to be admitted at that place. This nevertheless has proved to be extremely disadvantageous to Islamic schools because some of the kids expelled from public schools because of gross misconduct are being dumped in Muslim schools. This is said to be the consequence of the attitude of most Muslim parents that the Muslim establishments are effectual rectification centres for their kids alternatively of public schools which they see as holding a higher chance of being a accelerator for their kids ‘s bad behaviour. This has sometimes led to some parents kicking sometimes that Islamic schools are being a bad influence on their kids ‘s behaviour at times but Islamic establishments have been speedy to indicate out that the kids did n’t all come a being of good behavior in the society and some had come from public school. Another good ground why Muslim parent take their kids to Muslim school is because they are more open to Islamic cognition in Muslim schools. The former president of the immature Muslims of Canada which is an organisation based in Ontario, Taha Ghayyur says that a batch of Canadian born Muslim kids have a batch of trouble in analyzing Arabic Hagiographas and the Quran and because of their interaction with other civilizations, they tend to hold a small difference in their position to Islam in comparing to their Middle-Eastern brothers and sisters. However, there are a figure of Islamic followings who besides believe that the information chiefly acquired in Islamic schools is much more limited as compared to that gained in Public schools. One of the people who support this position is Shabbir Mansuri who is the establishing manager if the institute of Fountain Valley which is a Council on Islamic Education based in California. Taking his illustration, he has three girls of which merely the youngest attends an Muslim school because Islamic schools were non available before when his two other girls were turning up. He points out that in the instance of his younger girl, she has been able to declaim the Surahs and Bibles from the Quran but he besides sees that the Islamic schools have non made a difference in the apprehension of the Quranic Bibles. This is considered to be one advantage of State schools because they help the kids understand what they are analyzing, This and many other grounds give cause to the determination of inscribing their kids in province schools. One ground for illustration is that in most public schools largely in the West, province school instruction is normally provided free by the authorities. This is an economic consideration by most parents in the universe. for illustration in the state of affairs of Islamic parents populating in the West, it is merely when they grew in Numberss and acquired more resources that they opened more Muslim schools get downing from kindergarten to high school. As a consequence, it is estimated that in topographic points like in Northern America entirely, there are soon about three hundred Islamic schools which provide integrated instruction. In instances of where there were lower resources, the kids were taken to province schools during the weekdays and to Islamic schools during the weekends. Another factor is that due to the high registration rates to public schools, there are a higher figure of persons from different societal and economic backgrounds and this is non ever a bad factor as and enables kids to encompass people of different backgrounds. This is a point supported by many broad Islamic households populating in the West. Other factors which give an advantage to province schools over Islamic schools are that have sometimes better qualified and trained and certified instructors who provide standard instruction to the kids. The instructors are chiefly nonsubjective in impacting the needed cognition on the pupils and supervising the pupils ‘ advancement. This is the chief ground that many Islamic parents sometimes send their kids from the middle-east to the western schools. This can be evidenced by the kids of the sovereign of Saudi Arabia and Dubai. In decision, it can be observed that the boundaries of cognition are spread outing on a day-to-day footing and in the western universe ; Muslim parents are confronting an ever-increasing challenge of make up one’s minding the right school for their kids. It overall clear that the every parent would wish to inscribe his or her kid in a school that provides academic excellence and religious growing but it is largely the function of the parents to weigh the better option between Islamic schools and public schools. This is by seting their disadvantages and disadvantages together and sing what is best for their kids. Mentions Lawrence D. , ( 2005 ) . A Concise History of the Middle East. London ; Westview Press Levy, Reuben ( 1969 ) . The Social Structure of Islam. United kingdom: Cambridge University Press. Ridgeon, L ( 2003 ) . Major World Religions ( 1st ed. ) . London. Routledge Curzon publishing houses. Shahid A. ( 1998 ) . Sex Education: An Islamic Perspective.London. Oxford University Press. Hamsa Y. ( 2002 ) . Understanding Muslim Education and Elementss of Success. Cairo: Alhambra Productions How to cite Islamic or State schools, Essay examples

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20th Century Drama Talking Heads by Alan Bennett Essay Example For Students

20th Century Drama Talking Heads by Alan Bennett Essay The monologues I have studied are A Cream Cracker under the Settee and A lady of Letters. The monologues have been written by Alan Bennett who is a playwright as well as a film director. A monologue is a long speech by one person. They are usually used to represent the loneliness of one. The two monologues have been described as being modern day tragedies meaning that there is nothing that goes right in the characters lives and usually ends with a sad ending. A Cream Cracker under the Settee is about a character called Doris. The character of Doris has been played by an actress called Thora Hird. Doris is an old aged widow that lives by herself. Her old age reflects on her, as her limbs are falling weak, especially her legs that tend to go numb. She is obsessed with cleaning and makes an effort of dusting and cleaning the house, unfortunately her legs go numb and she falls. She lives in a council house and so the council want to send her to an old peoples home called Stafford House. Doris isnt to keen on it and doesnt want to move. She believes that her house holds a lot of memories of her life and her dead husband and child. Doris is an ordinary working class widow. She is lonely and everyone she knows has have died or left her. In the monologue Doris mentions that she had a child that died in the past and was not able to grieve over the death properly because of the lack of support her husband gave her. There is guilt shown on Doriss face because of this. On page 89, she also mentions that her husband Wilfred did not show that he was upset about the childs death. She describes her husband as one of those people who didnt live up to their ideas. In the monologue she mentions her husband by calling him dad. Shes desperate and wishes she had another chance to do many things in the past. In her monologue she talks about the past a lot. She is an old fashioned woman who wishes she had a daughter. She is very critical about the people these days; her criticism about them seems more like an obsession but she seems like a good person at heart. Doris does not seem like a religious person as she quotes Religious people are hypocrites. Also by other quoting made by her in the monologue make the reader believe that she isnt religious at all. She is ignorant to other cultures and races as she grew up in the country where there were not any immigrants. Doris has an Asian worker called Zulema that comes to help with cleaning the house and helping her out with other stuff, but Doris does not trust her. Doris thinks that Zulema is not a very good cleaner as she finds a cream cracker under the settee as she is talking to the audience during the monologue. She also does not like Zulema telling her what to do and treating her like a child. Doris is a very brave and proud person. She does not want to believe she is an old person, even though her body is falling weak she believes shes still there within the mind. During the monologue Doris is near the door and her legs numb. She continuously knocks on the door and tries to seek help. Towards the end of the play Doris puts her hand under the settee and eats the cream cracker that Zulema forgot to pick up whilst cleaning. This is quiet surprising for the audience as Doris is a very clean person and one of the reasons she does not want to go to Stafford house is because of its hygiene reasons. Then when a police officer knocks on her door to asks if everything is o. k. Doris replies by saying that everything was ok says that her lights were off because she was having a nap. The policeman goes and Doris thinks she has done it. She believes that now that the police officer has gone she wont be going to Stafford house. She also wanted to die in the same house as her husband as all his memories are in the house that she lives in. I believe that Doris is a tragic figure as nothing seemed to go well in her life and her monologue ends with her death. She has lost everyone she knew and has spent most of her life alone. She has an obsession with cleaning and obviously when you have an obsession with something you cant help but think about it. She cleaned her house in a very unfit state and whilst cleaning her legs went numb. The death of her baby and husband was probably the most tragic thing in her life. There are many things that make her monologue very tragic A picture of a husband Wilfred and Doriss wedding picture is a prop that has been used in this monologue a lot. Doris talks to the photo many times in the monologue; this represents her husbands presence in many ways. Diary Entry - Blood Brothers EssayShe begins to swear, to smoke and she also learns about sex. She becomes a mother figure to the other girls as she is much older than them. Irene learns more about life in prison and is happy in there. At the end of the monologue Irene seems like a completely different person and looks much younger. In many ways I believe that Irene is a tragic character because she gets her happiness by living in prison. She has not really lost her mind but she is just in a state of depression, as she had no one else in her life but her mother who died as well. She is never had a relationship with a man so this is another uncompleted phase in her life. She also does not have a dad, which means she has no influence of a male person in her life. The house that Irene lives in is depressing itself. This matches Irenes character. A prop that is used a lot in the monologue is the pen that Irene uses to write her letters of complaints with. It is her best friend because she uses it a lot. The pen is given to her by her mother, which is why the pen is very dear to her. While in prison the colours of the stickers that Irene is playing with represent the colours and different stages of her life. At the end of the monologue Irene is wearing tracksuits instead of the boring clothes she wore before she went to prison. This also represents the change in her life. The director shows the time change by their being day and night. The time change is also shown by Irene costumes. Doris and Irene are two characters that are very similar because they both have very tragic lives in their own ways. They are both female and they both live by themselves. They both have someone that has died in their lives. With Doris it was the death of her child and husband and with Irene it was the death of her mother. This also may be the main reason of their depression. Both of them are childless. They both have old-fashioned views on society and people. They both have an obsession with something. Doris has an obsession with cleaning and Irene has an obsession with letter writing. Both of them are very hard to please they also have a habit of criticising their neighbours. Another thing that is a major common factor about the two is that they both dont have a strong faith in God. They both are very critical about religion and about religious people. Doris and Irene are different characters because they have lived very different lives. Doris has been married and has had a child, whereas Irene has never had a boyfriend in her life, which means she has never had her own family. Doris has become very old but Irene is middle aged. They both have obsessions but have two different types of obsessions. Doris has an obsession with cleaning and Irene has an obsession with writing letter of complaints. The monologue I preferred was A lady of letters. This is because with Irene there was some hope of her recovering whereas with Doris her monologue ends with her death. Also because with A Lady of Letters there is also a bit of humour involved in the monologue. Irene has not gained much happiness life; she lived by herself and never ever had a relationship with a man. She also spent most of her life at home. When people live by themselves they become bitter and dont enjoy the company of another person. This is the reason why Irene had become so critical of other people. Whereas Doris had received her share of happiness but lost it with in time. She had a husband and a child but both of them died before she did. She did not get to grieve properly over the death of her child because of the lack of support she got by her husband. She didnt have much to do as she also lived by herself. She had an obsession with cleaning but she couldnt clean because her legs would go numb whenever she tried to. At the end of the monologue all is well with Irene as she says shes happy now but at the end of A Cream Cracker under the Settee Doris says she is unhappy and she dies. I also think Doriss monologue was more tragic than Irenes monologue.