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Mythology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mythology - Essay Example Why is this feature relevant to the modern hero? No one can actually give an answer to this question. Maybe, in such a way the contemporaries are sure that in the modern very challenging world it is necessary to have an option to free one's mind. The director of the film underlines that external appearance is not important for the modern hero. It is much more important a real heroism of a character. A physical power of Hancock can be lost in case he meets other superheroes. Achilles is an ancient Greek character. Nevertheless, this hero does not reveal features of a holistic mind or his open nature. Homer underlined his appearance: â€Å"he sat himself down away from the ships with a face as dark as night, and his silver bow rang death as he shot his arrow in the midst of them† (Iliad, Book I). Actually, in the ancient world appearance played a very important role. Let us remember about the ancient famous sculptures and monuments of ancient heroes and characters. Of course, Ac hilles worshipped gods and this was a positive feature of his nature. Achilles helps Greek people in their fight against enemies, but in reality he is not much focused on solving military problems. From another perspective, Achilles can seem to be a consequential warrior. Achilles can be a patriotic hero, but in this case he should know for what purpose he needs to be such a person. He is sure of the fact that patriotism is positive if a personal concern is taken into account. Achilles impresses the audience by his daring and brash features. He shows more passion and he does not want to be vulnerable. This is another vision about heroism and patriotism unlike the view of patriotism in the modern time. Achilles is too arrogant and superior, but Hancock is not. These are two different approaches to representation of heroism and patriotism in two different worlds: in the world of ancient times and the modern times. Achilles was not focused on the common good of the society, but Hancock was very much pleased with his ability to help people. He did not place his own personality on the foreground; he made an emphasis on the background, which is society's welfare. Works cited 1. Iliad by Homer. 15 Dec. 2012. 2. Odyssey by Homer. 15 Dec. 2012. Name Professor's Name Subject Date Question 7B The Oracle works in Greek myths Divination plays a very important role in Greek mythology. Oracle is one of the core images in Greek religion and mythology. In accordance with modern interpretation: "Oracles played an important role in the Greek religion and beliefs. The Greeks considered death as a necessary evil and therefore Immortality was not an enviable asset. They however required information on their future life on earth, for this they turned to the oracle" (Oracle). Ancient Greek people needed information about their future life on the Earth. Greek oracle was a priest or a priestess, who played a role of a mediator between people and God. The Oracle communicated with God an d in such a way he had an opportunity to get the required information. Apollo was a god of music and reason. He could see future too. In the ancient Greece people brought many gifts to Apollo and he told them about the secrets and events of their future. Apollo was looking for a woman, who can help him to find answers about people's future. Apollo intended to be one of

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