Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Theories relevant to my study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Theories relevant to my study - Assignment Example This mode of teaching advocates for acknowledgement of cultural heritages. Thus, it provides the students with a wide range of instructional strategies which support their different learning habits (Lynch, 2011). There are various theories that are associated with culturally responsive pedagogy. These include Maslow’s hierarchy of need theory, McClellan Acquired Needs Theory and the Self-Determination theory by Richard Ryan. Maslow’s hierarchy of need theory bases its arguments on self-actualization, esteem, belongingness, safety and psychological needs of a person. Acquired needs theory focus on the need for achievement, affiliation and power (Analytitech, n.d). On the other hand, the self-determination theory focuses on human motivation and personality (Intime, 2002). Therefore, it is evident that these theories illustrate that students should be provided with conducive condition for them to learn. They provide a basis whereby teachers can understand the diverse learning needs of the students so that they can improve their performance in class (Analytitech, n.d). In this perspective therefore, it is important for the administration of schools to re-evaluate and re-shape the school curriculum so that the diverse academic needs of the students can be addressed in an appropriate

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