Thursday, August 1, 2019

Animal Farm Lies=Failure

To have a functional society there must be a trust between the people and the government. A functional society is defined by how they treat their people, if they lie their people will not respect them. Due to the fact that the government in 1984 and Animal Farm lie to their citizens, their societies are a failure. In 1984 the government says that its citizens are free to do what they want but that is a lie. This is because the people actually live in constant fear of telling the facts due to the fatal consequences that would follow.O’Brien says, â€Å"Freedom is the freedom to say two plus two makes four, if that is granted all else follows†(69; Bk1, ch. 7). The citizens in 1984 are in constant fear of saying the wrong thing and getting shot which is not the definition of a free though society. A free thought is where people can think what they want without the fear of getting in trouble. As it shows in 1984 when someone has a thought they have to keep it in or they wil l be imprisoned. This is the definition of a non-successful society.If the government can lie to its people nothing will ever change and nothing will have the chance to get any better. If someone is naive of the fact that there was a better time in history before the dictatorship they see the present as better then before. Due to the falsifying of documents of history in 1984 it seems as though the party is the best to all of the people and that they are getting better, when in all actuality that is not the case. Winston says,† If the party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that event, it never happened-that, surely was more terrifying then death†(34; Bk1, ch. 3).If the government is saying that something did or did not happen they are altering history, which is lying to its people. Winston states,† Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right†(155; Bk. 2, ch. 5). Due to the lies about the past the people think that their society is good because they don’t know the actual situation before Big Brother. Thus creating a false reality of what happened in the past. This shows that they have lied to their citizens and thus there society was a failure. In Animal Farm it was portrayed that all animals were created equal, when is actuality that is not true.Towards the beginning of the book before the takeover all the animals were equal in theory. As soon as the takeover took place, Napoleon and the rest of the pigs established themselves as the leaders thus making them higher up in the society. Benjamin reads what was on the wall,† All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others†(143; ch. 10). This is different from the original idea in that every animal was equal no matter what because of the fact that they didn’t like the humans and didn’t want to be like them.This is where they lied in regards to the changing of the slogan and gave the ir society the mark of death. Just like the other instances the lack of capability of the government not to lie to its people is very slim. This fact leads to the failure of the society as a whole. In 1984 and Animal Farm the government lied to their people which eventually led to their societies failure. If an individual does not have the ability to say something that is factual without the fear of being shot that is a functional society.It is not when the person is told what to think, how to think it, and when to think it. Also if the government lies to its people about its past then there is no way for anyone to try to make a better future. This leads to the failure of the society as a whole. Finally when the government from Animal Farm lied about the equality of its people they doomed there societies identity forever. Everyone wants to be equal and if you take that away then what are u left with. Fact is if the government lies to their people such as in Animal Farm and 1984 thei r society is doomed to failure.

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