Friday, August 9, 2019

The Second Rate Speaker Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Second Rate Speaker - Essay Example The presentation is on the entrepreneurship within the Computers Industry and is a two-part presentation to be delivered by Mr. Bruce. However, part 1 of the presentation did not go well as Mr. Bruce certainly lacked preparation and was unable to impress the audience. Many of the audience were of the opinion that they may not be able to attend the second session provided the quality of the presentations and the jokes shared by the speaker. During the first session, he touched many topics which were not directly related with the topic and kept on sharing things which were directly related with the topic of discussion. It was clearly evident that either there was a clear lack of interest by Mr. Bruce or there was lack of preparation and skills to deliver such kind of informative sessions. There were many occasions where he completely failed to deliver what was required therefore a rapport with audience cannot be developed easily during the session. In order to deal with the situation, there are few options available which may be needed in order to ensure that next session remains productive and informative for the participants. One of the options is to basically disallow Mr. Bruce and hire someone else to deliver rest of the sessions. Secondly, Mr. Bruce can be coached in how to deliver effective presentations which can keep the interests of the audience as well as deliver the required message to the audience. 1. A coaching session may kindly be arranged for Mr. Bruce to provide him effective tools and techniques as to how to develop a presentation and what kind of information is required to be included. Further, through this short coaching session, the overall feedback of the participants should also be provided to Mr. Bruce. In the light of the overall feedback, the coaching session shall be developed. 2. This coaching session will be in-house and delivered by our own Staff based upon the overall criteria defined and outlined by

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