Monday, November 11, 2019

Appearance Versus Reality

Most athletes eat properly, take care of their bodies and exercise hard but the competitiveness of today's athletes and the AOL to look physically fit are pushing young athletes to steroids. Most people think they will only use steroids during the season of their particular sport but unfortunately steroids can be addictive and sometimes lead to other drug use. Doping in sports can cause many negative affects to people in many areas such as their careers, their health and their family.Steroids have been banned by most sports organizations Including the National Football League, the National Basketball League, International Olympic Committee, the Collegiate Lamberts Athletic Association, and most high school athletic associations. If not prescribed, steroids are illegal. Testing positive can cause athletes to lose medals, championships and most importantly face Jail time, and monetary fines. Testing positive may also result In the suspension from their particular sport. Professional at hletes using steroids could possibly lose their chance to continue their careers In their particular sport.Young athletes that use may never have a chance to become professional athletes or play at the college level. Doping has many negative health effects in men, women and teenagers. Some of the health problems want be experienced until long after the use is over. Cardiovascular disease, stroke, HIVE (when using needles to inject the drug), liver tumors, a rare condition called polios hepatitis which Is blood felled cysts that form on your liver are Just a few ways your body can experience the affects.During use, males may experience reduction In sperm produced, baldness, shrinkage of testicles, pain urinating and possible breast development. Women may experience increased facial hair, a more manly voice, shrinking of breast and changes in their menstrual cycle. Some users may also experience stunted growth, enlargement of heart muscles, muscle aches and acne. Drinking and steroids use doesn't mix. Binge drinking and steroids each carry their own Neal rills Boot alcohol Ana astrolabes affect ten lever Ana putting ten two together can cause severe liver damage.Steroids also will affect your personal and family life. Users experience aggressive behavior and combative behavior. This is referred to as â€Å"rood rage. † Acting out with rood rage can lead to fights with teammates, boyfriends/girlfriend, your family and your friends. Steroid use is not heap and it cost lots of money to get the drug. This also can affect the user's family Lambert 3 and friends as well. Once the user stops taking the drug, they will experience paranoia, irritability and severe depression.If gone not treated, the depression can last as long as one to two years and may cause suicidal thoughts and even possible suicide. This will also affect the user's family and friends. When someone starts taking steroids they are only thinking of themselves and the current situation and not th e long term affect it could have on their loved ones and the people around hem. Steroids are very dangerous and have many long term affects on peoples' lives. This drug should be discussed with all young athletes. Steroids promise big results but bring lots of trouble.However, there is little proof that the drug delivers any such benefits. It should be stressed to all young athletes how severe it can be and what all the dangers and consequences to using anabolic steroids are. The negative consequences definitely outweigh what the user thinks the positive affects are. Getting disqualified or harming your body are not smart ways to improve your reference, make bigger muscles or lower your body fat. All these goals can be achieved when a star athlete begins to eat the right types of foods, practices hard, lifting weight, and lots of dedication.This can all be accomplished by a real athlete without the use of performance enhancer steroids. Parents also could play a very big role in keep ing their children from doping. There are many government funded programs that are out there for schools to help keep young athletes away from steroids and their horrible affects to their bodies. Work Cited Page 1 . Periodicals (magazine). Ballads, Sarah. â€Å"8 Questions from Adolescents About Steroid Use; Addiction researches answer teens' questions about performance- enhancing drugs†. U.

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