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Communication Process Paper Essay Example

Communication Process Paper Essay Example Communication Process Paper Essay Communication Process Paper Essay Communication is important within all organizations, therefore an organizations communication process may be unique to that organization. Discussion includes the communication climate of Upshaw Processing as a whole. In addition, discussion includes the strengths and weaknesses of Upshaw’s communication. Discussion includes the contributions of management, supervisors, and employees that include an effective communication process. In addition, discussion includes an example that supports the communication process. Communication Climate The communication climate in Upshaw Processing may be formal or informal, depending on the employees working. Upshaw Processing is a small family business; therefore, most of the employees are family members except during deer season when non-family employees work. The use of informal channels of communication occurs during off-season when workers include family members, whereas during deer season, formal channels of communication occur when workers include non-family members. Formal channels are established by the organization and transmit messages that are related to the professional activities of the members† (Robbins Judge, 2009, p. 353). â€Å"Informal channels are spontaneous and emerge as a response to individual choices† (Robbins Judge, 2009, p. 353). Strengths of Communication The communication at Upshaw Processing may reach a high level of success before and during deer season. During deer season many customers visit the processing business, therefore communication is important for the success of the business. Lack of communication during deer season may cause confusion with the customers, employees, and owners. Communication is important because during deer season the activity increases to a high level. Employees are helping customers who are dropping off a deer for processing, employees are helping customers who are picking up a deer, and employees are helping to process other deer. The use of formal channel communication is important during deer season because of the high level of activity, otherwise a customer may pick up the wrong deer. Weaknesses of Communication Although communication levels are strong at Upshaw Processing, at times a weakness in communication may appear. Noise may cause a weakness in communication, whereas the employee may not understand the instructions from the supervisor. The weakness in communication may cause the loss of customers and money for the business. By using the Wheel of formal communication, Upshaw Processing weeds out the weaknesses in communication, otherwise the success of the business would be at risk. By weeding out the weakness in communication, the owners of Upshaw Processing are guaranteeing the success of the business. Effective Communication Of the Three Common Small-Group Networks, the use of the Wheel works for the processing business, therefore the owner relays messages to all employees. The use of the Wheel Network insures that all employees receive and understand the message from the start. Communication during the off-season is successful because employees are family members and know the job details for success. Long time employees learn to read the nonverbal actions of the owners and other employees, therefore spoken words may not occur for the communication to be successful. Example of Support An example of support for the communication climate within the processing business; employees are working and a customer comes in to pick up a deer, a certain employee will wash and wait on the customer. The employee returns to the owner to see what tub number holds the customers deer, and then retrieves the deer from the freezer. The employee collects the money for the processing fee and hands the money to the owner. The owner instructs a certain employee on the conduction of the collection process, therefore the action of communication of collection is successful. In addition to the above example, the owners instruct skinning room employees on the deer skinning process. Clear communication is important in the deer skinning process for the safety of the employees. Deer skinning involves the use of sharp knives, therefore an employee must understand the deer skinning process to work that area of the business. Conclusion The success of an organization requires communication, whereas each organization may practice a different type of communication process. Discussion includes information concerning the communication climate at Upshaw Processing. In addition, discussion includes the strengths and weaknesses of communication within Upshaw Processing. Discussion includes the effective communication process of the supervisor, manager, and employees. In conclusion, discussion includes an example that supports the communication process. Reference Robbins, S. P. Judge, T. A. (2009). Organizational Behavior. Retrieved October 2010 from University of Phoenix Materials, e-Book Collection

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