Tuesday, October 22, 2019

7 Strange But (Probably) True Jobs of the Future

7 Strange But (Probably) True Jobs of the Future The career landscape changes with the times. Just as jobs making buggy whips and horse carriages eventually gave way to jobs in the automobile industry, time keeps ticking forward,with some interesting and unusual new jobs predicted for the future. In the world of supply and demand, finding a new job niche is limited only by imagination, so it will be fun to see what the future brings. Food EngineeringAs the world population continues to increase and people need food sources,  engineers will be needed to create appealing bio-meat products and cross-bred plants that  produce more crops that are sturdier and are more resistant to pests. In addition to engineers, other jobs may become available in this industry: think  drone operators to monitor large swaths of planted production areas and agriculturists for urban areas to grow food for local consumption.Virtual Tour FilmographerVirtual tours are already around- all you have to do is go online to take a tour of the Louvre in Paris or the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum. This business opportunity is growing as people film everything from extreme sports to  visits to natural wonders and museums. This type of job will expand in the future as photographers spread out around the globe to film the more and more exciting adventures that you can enjoy vicariously from the comfort of your own home.Crowdfunding OrganizerThe process of crowdfunding, usually accomplished by using social media, is a way for a company to gather start-up funds for a new business or project idea or for a charity to get donations or to kickstart an educational project. Because crowdfunding usually has a time limit to gather donations, a crowdfunding organizer’s job is to maximize donations during that period by offering promotional advice.Privacy SpecialistIn this age of technology, privacy has become harder to maintain,  and safeguarding your own  privacy is a real concern. A  privacy specialist ensures that a cli ent is using the most up-to-date methods to ensure security of digital information such as credit cards and personal identification from theft.Corporate Reorganizer/DisorganizerThis strange sounding job title is for an individual who works as a reorganizer for businesses that haven’t kept up with the times and appear old-fashioned and lackluster. A  corporate disorganizer upgrades systems and finds new processes that bring the company up-to-date and streamline its functions, bringing it into a new era.Architectural 3D SpecialistThe architectural 3D specialist will be a busy individual in the future. As 3D technology increases, printable houses can add a new dimension to building. Construction of a house can be accomplished in a day, a possibility that  may be used to clear and rebuild in blighted areas or construct new developments in a short time.Custom Organ DesignerNo, this organ isn’t the same kind you might see in an old horror movie. This type of job designs customized organs for people  who need body part replacements. As scientists study ways to reproduce organs by using living cells, organ replacement is closer to reality than you might think.New jobs are always being invented, and the future may bring some surprises and opportunities.

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