Monday, October 21, 2019

CIS206 U4 Discussion Example

CIS206 U4 Discussion Example CIS206 U4 Discussion – Coursework Example Administrative Tasks Automation Affiliation: Common Administrative Tasks That Can Be Automated using Either The At Or Cron Daemons In operating systems that are completely multitasking, a program that does not involve the interactive user directly but rather executes at the background, is known as a daemon.We shall look at the at and the cron daemons.(atd and crond). The atd are daemon used for commands intended for one particular time execution in future the cron daemons are used for execution that every day, once in a month etc. (Raphael, 2013)At and crons are used to perform various administrative services which include log file management and file cleanup services. .We shall start by looking into log file rotation, this a technique used to deal with generic issue log file growth. It involves moving of log file to another file name in a regular manner and starting again with log file, which is empty. After some time the old file gets discarded. This is very useful to che ck the size of log files because it is very hard to manipulate large files. Secondly, crons can be used for distribution of files in a network mostly, configuration files. This helps to ensure that data is not lost during sending and receiving of files process. Ats and crons are used in file system cleaning. The temporary directory and all subdirectories belonging to it are cleaned out automatically whenever there is a system reboot. Also, the removal of files that has stayed for a considerable amount of time without use. Finally, the crons and are used perform administrative jobs that are done regularly be it weekly monthly or daily. Administrative tasks on windows system are achieved through some common tools like the adsizer.exe, which helps in estimation of the size of the directory. The delrp.exe is used to delete directories/files and associated point of reparse if any. These and other many tools are used to achieve administrative tasks in windows system. Advantages and Disadv antagesAdvantages One of the major advantages of using windows system to automate these tasks is that these tools for automation are readily available in the internet and they do not require much technical knowledge like the daemons. It is also easier to export information to databases and share it with colleagues.DisadvantagesOne of the major demerit to note is that these tools come with costs, they have to be purchased .It is also possible to cause havoc when installing scripts.ReferenceThe Debian Administrators Handbook (2013). Debian Wheezy from Discovery to Mastery:- Edition 1, Raphaà «l  Hertzog.

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