Friday, October 25, 2019

The Importance of Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin to the Communist Dictatorsh

Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin were all important in bringing the Communist Dictatorship in Russia from 1917 - 1939. All three of them wouldn't be able to make progresses without each other. The basement or a trigger to communism in Russia was Lenin as he was the organizer. He has been studying Marxism and Socialism for many years and in the result he has brought the October Revolution in 1917 to Russia. In addition Lenin has written many books in order to spread the idea of communism. As he was the organizer of this revolution and the person who led the Bolshevik take over of Russia in 1917 he became the first leader of Russia in communist regime. Later on he introduced 'Cheka' and other forms of oppression to maintain his control. Then introducing War Communism, he ensured everyone worked for a Bolshevik victory in a Civil War. After the victory of communism in the Russian Revolution (1917), a Third, or Communist, International was created (1919). Under the leadership of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, this Communist International, or Comintern, hoped to foster world revolution in order to promote Communism around the world and to get more allies. Lenin was thinking wisely as he has introduced NEP in order to improve production and life in the USSR, restoring the order and increasing prosperity after the chaos of Revolution, Civil War and War Communism. NEP simply allowed economic recovery and by 1928 industrial and food production levels were about the same as in 1914, and some people grew. However even to realize to all of the stated achievements Lenin made, he needed Trotsky's help. Trotsky was Lenin's right-hand-man and it can be sai... ...nist regime, because he didn't even think of any plans how to improve industry or production, increase prosperity. Lenin was only bothered with people's psychology, he only made people to support communism. However communism couldn't have been supported if famine didn't stop, so the Communism could fall quickly. It isn't wise as well to say that Lenin and Stalin were more important that Trotsky just for the reason that they were the leaders of the Soviet Union and Trotsky wasn't. Trotsky has played an important part as well. If he didn't organize Red Army, the Reds wouldn't be able to win even Civil war and the Communism could fall. All three of them were important in bringing about the communism in Russia in 1917 - 1939. All three of them were dependant on each other and wouldn't be able to survive without each other.

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