Thursday, October 17, 2019

Networking Assignment Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Networking Assignment Reflection Paper - Essay Example e is really passionate about market research, has a strong sense of responsibility, and very much knowledgeable about the situation of the different industries in the market. I believe that her professionalism enables her to generate interviewees from industry players and trade associations. Her innate passion for market research coupled with her strong sense of responsibility allows her to finish each project to the best of her ability. These values also encourage her to work amidst the difficulties in data gathering. Her interest in the market and knowledge on how it operates makes her as a credible source and enables her to giver accurate reports. Written skill is a very important requirement for her job because it enables her to communicate her knowledge about the market. The ability to make rational forecast on the market will perform is also important as it is a very crucial part of the industry reports. The capability of gathering data and analyzing them are keys to having accurate results. Compared to the interviewee, I am more comfortable in verbal communication than writing out my ideas. Being inexperienced, I am not adept in making forecasts about industries. However, I am also confident of my skills in gathering data and analyzing them. I love to do researches even though I know that I still need to learn more about judging the quality of the data and how they can be used in order to come up with rational results. I have always been interested in market research yet I am not really motivated to pursue this profession when given a chance. What I really want when I choose this interviewee is how various think-tanks like AC Nielsen come up with the market reports which they present to business organizations. Also, interviewing a market research analyst enabled me to understand her work and the important characteristics needed to excel in her career. The primary challenge when approaching an unknown professional is the fear of being rejected. Noting

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