Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Summary - Essay Example that Ronald Regan did not formulate the drug law with the intention of saving the American society but with the intention of making his leadership popular. From the interview, it is evident that the new drug law simply focuses much on fishing out African-Americans and taking them to prison since the notion that most police departments have is that individuals from this race are potential criminals. As a result, the drug law, as Michelle asserts, is simply a replica of the Jim Crow System, which ensures mass African-Americans incarceration. Certainly, the evidences provided by Michelle are backed up by most of the incoming callers who also agree that the drug law is just but another form of Jim Crow System (On-Point with Tom Ashbrook). Generally, the drug law has resulted to some innocent individuals being taken to jail for drug offences, thereby their rights being violated. Since most U.S. police departments are keener on the way African-Americans carry out themselves than other races, a higher percentage of prisoners in most jails are African-Americans. Therefore, there is clear evidence that racial discrimination against African American still exists, and there is enough evidence depicted when an explanation of what feels like to be a young African-American in the U.S. is described; African-Americans are always viewed as potential criminals. In this On-Point Radio discussion, Tom Ashbrook interviews two guests; David K. Randall (a professor at New York University) and Rosalind Cartwright (a professor at Rush University). The discussion focuses much on Randall’s book â€Å"Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep.† Generally, what inspired Randall to write this book was the fact that he used to sleepwalk. Therefore, after visiting several doctors with few positive results, he decided to carry out research on sleep in humans. According to Randall, his main focus was to recognize whatever takes place when an individual is asleep. In addition,

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